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Our Hour of Code event

Hour of Code

Programming for children is no longer a strange issue for parents and students. Writing a program on your own computer will be an opportunity for your children to explore themselves and train themselves with the skills they need. Hour of Code website

I have a new job! Following my interest in Maker clubs and design thinking projects for young Secondary students in my past schools, I look forward to becoming involved in this class at Green Shoots International School.

This week, the Hour of Code, celebration of Coding in the classroom has brought us a fun session learning to create a basic game using javascript and html. With the generous assistance of Hans Krause and his company here in Hoi An, mgm technology partners, we were lucky to have his team of 4 young and very enthusiastic programmers offering lots of help to the students in a Year 7 session, and again for the Year 8-9 group.

We learned how to code in html to create a Basic Game, using javascript and html. For the Year 7 group, the learning was intense but they had fun! The older students were able to make connections with their classroom learning about loops and game behaviours to extend their learning.

There were lots of questions, high fives when the rectangle changed its colour, or actually jumped over the circle as intended. They even chose to be late to their lunch break “until it worked”.

Here is the result.

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Wow! What a great way for me to meet my new group. Students from all corners of the world, all keen, and in Year 7!

The Hour of Code


Some links to inform my academic planning in the future will be:

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Some great activity and resource sites to explore include:

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Google cardboard and VR ideas – lots to explore here with our headsets on!
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Instead of expressing ourselves and learning through static information updates, we now communicate in much more dynamic and spontaneous ways. VR is a tool that epitomizes the idea of sharing one’s experiences with others and learning about their own experiences. Mike Wadhera, Virtual reality for education