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Multimodal text creation.
Young people need to be able to communicate effectively in an increasingly multimodal world. We need to be able to comprehend and compose meaning across diverse, rich and complex forms of multimodal text.
(Victoria Education and Training.. October 2017)


It’s been an exciting morning for me following a Skype session with Johan, from Binumi… and we’re getting ready to tell stories at Green Shoots International School.

Story ClubAs an after-school Extra Curriculum club, we have some flexibility at Green Shoots School, and Binumi will be our base program to get started.

Modelled with the curriculum in mind, we will focus on creating digital multimodal texts to tell our own stories by exploring and using film, animation, visual tools and a range of computer Apps.

Getting started

Binumi, Story club

About Binumi: We are excited to be able to work with the Binumi platform. It allows students to explore the process of including their own scripted story and assets from the classroom and immediate surroundings. Binumi allows that student story to come to life by offering assets that breathe life into their stories and render a video.

“Storytelling has been around for as long as humans can communicate, but the rise of self-expression through technology has made audiences hungry for constant stimulation of the mind. Binumi is a game-changer for students to unlock their inner potential to express themselves.”- Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

Extra Equipment: We have access to some ‘hands-on’ devices to help develop our stories if we need them.
An Ozobot, some other robots to program a story using coding and Apps, a drone for fly-over footage, and a 360 camera to hone our skills for panorama shots! Binumi will allow us to edit and enhance.

Some Apps and websites for new ideas: 

Coming soon!

Emoji Story ideas.. thanks @gderry


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