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Learning is a bit like tumbling a handful of stones together. After many hours of tossing ideas around and sharing thinking, the true colour of each piece begins to emerge.

Tumbling Stones believes in the power of collaborated learning where each member brings a special skill to the table, and the design process begins.

In a world of digital, online and global knowledge, that power of learning is ten fold! It’s exciting to be a part of the learning  that empowers all of us to succeed.

…..and with the addition of more rough stones, the honing just goes on and on endlessly…..

Debbie Hunter

Debbie HunterDebbie developed Tumbling Stones to continue her education exploration in a new place.

Moving from Australia to Vietnam has opened many new doors and learning opportunities to explore on a different scale. As an ESL teacher and digital technologies educator, my absolute belief in the power of collaborated learning, experiential learning, and just plain good fun will continue in this new place.

Contact me if you want to join my project!