ESL teaching

Searching ESL resources

ESL learning is a valuable link in the chain of global learning. Without a common language, the learning connections are challenged.

Find a list here of favourite links to resource ESL lessons of all ages.

Free training videos for ELT teaching – kids, teens adults ar4e all included here.

From the publishers:

Cambridge: Cambridge English Online for make-your-own resources.

Oxford University Press/ English Language Teaching: Index to many Teachers Club resources

Macmillan: Teaching resources list from Macmillan. See also One StopEnglish website below.

Getting started

There is a very good quick level placement test‘ on the Linguahouse website. Also great for resources, and ongoing support via App for student revision activities.

Useful collaborative programs:


Brain Pop ESL for free, and subscribed courses with many free quizzes and tester revision activities.

Free resource websites:

One Stop English LogoOne Stop English: Excellent website of resources for teaching English (Macmillan) for all purposes. Some free, downloadable. Offers a worthwhile subscription to the rest.

This App is free. Bebop 1,2,3 for audio files for young learners. It supports the text but looks great fun on its own too.

Busy Teacher resources and booklets. Subscribe to the blog, many free downloads lesson ideas.

Media activity to enhance the learning



Audio/listening ideas