Learning and eLearning

Learning and eLearning

Education.. is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.

(John Dewey, psychologist and educational reformer

21CHK Conference


I’m excited to be attending this conference in January 2018.



Reading about future digital ICT in schools across 3 countries. UK Digo trailblazers, ISTE 24 things for students, and Australia Digital Hub.

Favourite blogs and websites

Blueyonder – a blog by Greg Whitby

The Librarian’s Edge – a blog by Katie Day (Singapore International School)

Library Grits– blog by Diane McKenzie

Learning, Leadership and Technology – blog by Darcy Moore

Eduwebinar – Karen Bonnano director

Australian Education Review

High Possibility Classrooms – the work of Dr Jane Hunter

Favourite FB networking pages

International School Library Connection

Teachers sharing ideas and connections

International TEFL Academy Alumni

My Online Classrooms

Skype in the Classroom

The School in the Cloud classroom

Favourite Librarian quick looks

ABC Splash

Scootle resources

Favourite Librarian media databases

ClickView – Media in the classroom and much more!

Binumi – make your own videos easily!

Where can I find..?

Digital Technologies Hub – for great resources and practical curriculum ideas

ISTE 21 things for Students

COBIS Digi trailblazers program for all stages of the curriculum.

New learning spaces

Green Shoots Language Centre – teaching English to Vietnamese kids and adults. Everyone has a class to suit!

GS LogoGreen Shoots International School nurturing a lifelong love of learning for the students and to develop a sense of responsibility for the world in which we live.