Coding in education

“Four words that begin with the letter p: projects, passion, peers, and play. So that’s the approach I would take with coding…”

A bit of pre-reading…

What the research is saying.  Starting a conversation! The difference between ICT and Digital technologies (in Australia at least).. an important understanding of the line in the sand for planning.

Follow the blog categories here for the progress we have made exploring the place of code in the classroom at Green Shoots School.

My curates some of the trends to keep up to date too.

Edutopia articles suggested stages for coding in the classroom. – digital literacy programs

Skype in the Classroom – connecting globally.


My ICT class


Coding in education: academically speaking
Code Club Australia
Code Club International – The Green Shoots International School is a member of this group.
State Library of Queensland: The Edge
QUT STEM for schools

The Instructables – browse for new projects. Let’s learn!
Brain Pop – and the educators blog is always offering more!


Coding ideas in our Club and classroom.


Download the software here
Download the Arduino drivers to use with our kits
Arduino tutorial
Check on YouTube for many more projects and instructions!


Blockly is a great bridge between Scratch and more advanced coding languages because it still uses colorful blocks but introduces proper terminology. The 52 Blockly Games are arranged in seven categories that teach core coding concepts to get students familiar with computer language basics.

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are great language starting points, and (new activities) has tutorials for students so they can learn how to build apps, design games, and build a web page. These are self-guided units and often difficult!

 Can you recreate our Hour of Code Basic Game html and Java programming activity? The code is here, and the actual script is here


The best part about Scratch is that kids share the games and animations they create on the site, so other kids can see their code and learn from it. 

ScratchEd resources and suggestions.



Makey Makey is perfect for the classroom. Students can invent projects that combine the tactile materials of the classroom with the coding projects they’re creating on the computer to bring their creations to life.

With the Makey Makey, students can make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer. Because it comes preprogrammed, students with no coding experience can use it and learn to experiment with it as they start to learn coding.


Coding in education

Heres my Starter Kit

Resources to get us started, and a community and blog to advise!

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coding in educationCan we do this in a classroom?

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