Why in a School Library?

Lunchbox club


What the research is saying

I began The Lunchbox Club in 2013 to embrace the developing global Maker Movement that had begun to pick up momentum and interest in Australian schools at the time. As a Teacher Librarian in a large boys’ school in Queensland, Year 7-8 students were open to explore the nature of design and innovation during a free time in a school day.

The club began in 2013 and created lots of interest!


Maker Spaces

A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. (Renovated learning)


By presenting at a number of conferences in Sydney and Brisbane, and later at the 2015 IASL Conference in Netherlands, it encouraged me to keep learning alongside my students. There were many projects, exposure to plenty of new technologies, and discussion about how to use them to improve the boy’s learning. It’s a great way to learn!

The original theme was to make the club totally ‘hands on’. Coding was via kits for Arduino, Makey Makey, and Squishy Circuit activities. We explored wearable technology, crafts of all kinds, and plenty of new robots. We networked and became loyal customers of Wonder Play Dot ‘n’ Dash, Sphero and Ozobots.

Later, drones had to be included, and permission to conduct a pilot project for a term project on Minecraft Edu into a school that didn’t yet offer the program in the classroom. An article of this project appeared in the Interface magazine of 2016. Read the article here

In 2017, I continue to explore the relevance of STEAM into classroom projects across a variety of learning places and spaces!