Learning is a bit like tumbling stones. Only after many hours of tossing, practicing and sharing ideas to smooth the rough parts does the learning begin to unfold.

ESL learning and resources for teaching a great lesson. Learning a foreign language is an important and rewarding experience for teacher and learner. Here you will find links to my favourite resources and a collection of articles exploring the empowerment of language learning.

Start up projects, design, and maker thinking, coding language, and robot language are all possible in a world where language is no barrier.

Teachers and Learners share curricula and knowledge from around the world to explore learning in a  21st-century world. This is a place to follow a variety of new educational processes. Thinkers and innovative designers are adapting and adopting new knowledge every day!

Why do we do it?

The real excitement in any learning comes when the rough stones cross with the smooth stones… And with the addition of more ‘stones’, the shaping just goes on and on endlessly…..

Tumbling Stones

Image from the Digital handmade movement article.

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8 digital skills we must teach our children www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/06/8-digital-skills-we-must-teach-our-children/

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